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Building A Competitive Edge

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Though the gaps between satisfying a customer and the company’s process of innovation as mentioned by the customers perception of value and satisfaction are very different

There is a gap in the deliverables and the expectations, though the new trend of product based and service based companies has enabled the progress of technology, it still lacks an understanding from the customer's point of view. In order to survive the saturated competitive markets companies are adopting external marketing support. What’s giving an edge to firms today is, constructing a competitive advantage through people who have a deeper knowledge of the market and expertise on building visibility.

We need to involve in the active participation of internal and external stakeholders. When we mention internal, employees handling the customers play a massive role in bringing about the competitive advantage.

Product and service based industries are subjected to a lot of challenges in the process of satisfying a customer though satisfying a customer plays a key role for companies to grow and survive in today’s markets there is a mismatch as industries need to have the buyer-seller relationship and the networks in place.

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